Six Things You Should Know Before Purchasing Your First Gun

As a gun enthusiast, owning a gun is quite the responsibility. Purchasing firearms comes with a lot of accountability, to prevent it from landing in wrong hands. Gun owners have be alert and precautious, at all times. Firearms should be kept away from prying eyes and out of reach from children.

There is always a possibility of home invasion or robbery. If such case arises, make sure the gun is not accessible to the robber. The most common place to hide a gun is the master bedroom, the thief is likely to head there. Therefore, as a gun owner, you should be ready for any likely threats.

Here are few critical things people usually forget while purchasing the first firearm:

Gun Safe

While you spend hundreds of dollars on buying a gun, make an investment in a sturdy and secured gun safe. There a variety of gun safes available in the market. A biometric or fingerprint reader gun safe is a great bet. In most robberies, the robber flees away with the gun safe. Therefore, it is important to invest in a large and sturdy gun safe. Keep in mind, you will need to find a secretive location, which not easily accessible. Make sure that the gun safe is away from prying eyes and children.


Buying a gun safe isn’t enough, after splurging on the firearm and gun safe, it is very imperative to anchor the gun safe to a wall or the floor. The wooden floor is the best option, in such cases.

A sturdy and reliable gun safe can be anchored to the floor, near your bedside. In this way, you can easily access the gun, in an event of a home invasion or robbery. Anchoring is a vital step. This will prevent the robber from fleeing away with the entire safe with may contain other collectibles of monetary value and your expensive firearm.

Gun Cleaning Kit

A gun cleaning kit is a notable thing you will require to keep your ammo in good conditions. Using gun solvent will help you remove debris from the gun’s crevices avoiding any damage to the metals that the gun is prepared with. After you have cleaned the gun, the next step is that you should start with wiping the gun down with gun oil to make sure that the metals in the finest state possible and to thwart rust. Mostly many guns are so standard that pre-assembled gun cleaning kits are so easy to obtain, which would not require you to go out of your way to secure the items you need.

Safety Equipment

Shooting glasses are advised to keep your eyes clear of debris or the dangerous, yet rare backfiring from the gun. Any glasses will do the work, but be sure to use something that fits securely on your face. These glasses are available on a variety of online sites, you can do your research to find a perfect pair that provides both excellent fields of vision and comfort.

One of the most startling thing for any new gun owner is the level of loudness a gun produces when firing at the range. Most of the time if you see someone at a gun range with no hearing protection you can bet either they are already mostly deaf or they are learning a hard lesson as a new gun owner. So, it is a great idea to invest in some ear muffs, that would protect your hearing aid.

Gun Accessories

It is essential to purchase the necessary accessories and gears, you will require with a gun. Especially, if you have purchased the gun for hunting purposes, you’ll need accessories. A shoulder sling will keep you from getting dog-tired from carrying a heavyweight gun around all day and can provide brilliant ease while on the hunt.

Shooting Permit

This is an obvious and important piece of document for every responsible gun owner. Therefore, before purchasing a firearm, you should arrange to get a shooting permit. Many states will allow a hunting license as a permit at a public firing range but be sure to check either the internet or call your local fish and game commission get the details so you don’t get robbed by a fine.

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