Protecting Your Firearms From Children – Top 4 Effective Ways

Having your own gun may give you a lot of benefits in the long run, but nothing comes without responsibility, you know. You might have purchased the gun for self-defense or for hunting needs. Either way, it becomes your own responsibility to keep it secure and inaccessible to anyone else.

Apart from getting your gun stolen or lost, there’s something else you must be concerned about — your kids accessing the guns, be it a pistol, rifle or anything else. The last thing you want is them getting their hands on these weapons and a possibility of hurting themselves or others. In fact, there have been many instances too. Like, children would get their hands on the gun and end up in chaos.


This is why almost every state and region has strict rules when it comes to gun safety. Here, as an extension of that, we will share some effective ways to protect your firearms from children. We’ve discovered the top 4 effective ways, which we use at our homes. Hope these help you too.

4 Effective Ways to Protect Your Firearms from Children

#1 Educate Your Kids

kids with guns

You cannot restrict the curiosity of children and it’s never recommended. On the other hand, you can always educate your children about the negative side of these weapons. It’s far better than giving firearms a sort of mysterious look. You can tell them how firearms work and why they are used. More importantly, you should tell them why they should not play with these things.

You can even go to an extent of showing a demo. For instance, show them how a gunshot destroys an object. Then, it will be easier for the kid to understand the problems involved. If you don’t educate them, it can cause a lot of trouble. They may get themselves filled with excitement and try the firearm. Therefore, one of the most effective ways to protect the firearms from children is to educate them thoroughly.

If you do that, you can also be sure that they become a responsible citizen in the future, which is an impressive perk, we believe. If you are keeping the firearm for self-defense, you should better elaborate that too.

#2 Keep the Gun and Ammunition in Different Places

Gun and Ammunition

This has been an effective way to prevent your children from actually accessing firearms. The idea is quite a lot clear, right? During the time you are not using the gun, you can unload the ammo and keep it somewhere else the kid cannot reach. When you choose the place, you can consider somewhere high too. This way, even if the kid happens to know the place, it would be kept unreachable.

As impractical as it may sound, many people follow this method to keep the firearms away from kids. If you are sure that the kid will get his/her hands on the gun, you have to keep it unloaded. This way, the maximum that will happen is getting the gun broken. Well, if you have one of the high-quality firearms, that won’t be an issue either.

We’d never recommend this as a practical-perfect solution, though. In cases of emergency, this method will pose the risk and you can be in trouble.

#3 Purchase a Gun Safe — The Best Choice

While the abovementioned methods are less practical and more abstract, this one should really help you to protect firearms from children. A gun safe is a type of locked container that is made to keep firearms secure and quickly accessible. More importantly, the safe would keep the gun away from children — and everyone else, for that matter. There can be a combination, key lock or even fingerprint locking system.

This is the best option, which we recommend for everyone. By purchasing and using a gun safe, you actually protect the firearms from not only kids but also the issues of stealth, loss and natural damages. When we’d consider the case of long firearms, you can even find the best gun safes with fire-resistant and dust-resistant design. In other words, gun safes offer your guns, ultimate security.

If you are purchasing a biometric gun safe, you can also minimize the issues of accessibility. You just have to place your finger on the scanner, and the gun would be available at your disposal. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

#4 Always Keep the Guns in Safe, If Not in Use

Purchasing the best gun safe isn’t enough to keep the kids away from firearms. Sad enough, there are people who forget to keep the guns in the safe after use. Suppose you are someone who goes for hunting/shooting practice during all Sundays. Then, you should cultivate the habit to keep the gun in the safe after use. If you don’t do that, you will be posing the big issue of your kids getting their hands on it again.

Even worse, there are some who forget to lock the door after putting the firearms in the safe. This won’t happen if you have one of the advanced gun safes, though. Such cases will show you an alarm if the case has been kept open for a long while. Anyway, rather than depending on the alarms and beeps, you can better get used to that habit, right?

Well, if you have a gun safe, it won’t be necessary to keep the gun unloaded. In fact, there are certain safes that let you keep the firearms loaded and in the ready-to-fire position. They are quite beneficial too, you know.

Wrap Up

So, these are the 4 best and effective ways to protect your firearms from children out there. We believe the best among these methods is to purchase an effective gun safe, which should offer protection as well as the perks of convenience at the same time. Is there any other way you keep the firearms away from children?

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