Kids Can Open Gun Safes With Straws and Paper Clips

Among the many ways to keep your firearms secure, Gun Safes are said to be the best! Obviously, you will not have to worry about thieves getting into the house and stealing the guns from you. At the same time, there is enough protection from the activities of kids and natural wear-and-tear. However, kids nowadays are very keen when it comes to techy things and you cannot expect what they are going to do.

Quite lately, we’ve been listening to a problem from people who own gun safes. The issue seems simple on paper: kids are using straws and paper clips to open gun safes. This way, the whole purpose of having a gun safe is defeated in its core sense, thus putting you in deep trouble. I mean, what’s the point of having a gun safe if your kids still have access to the firearm?

Don’t worry if you are concerned about this issue. In this article, we will tell you how you can prevent this in an effective manner. That is, we will share some tips that will make your gun safe from being opened using straws and paper clips. The sole purpose of these tips is to make sure that, when you purchase a gun safe to protect the guns, the purpose is served.

kids can open gun safe

How Kids Open Gun Safes with Straws and Paper Clips?

You might be wondering how this is done. Unlike what you think, not all gun safes come with the great piece of hardware. They are vulnerable to the different types of issues, including this one. So, here, suppose your kid is too curious to get their hands on the gun that you have stored. Obviously, it is not possible to have an official access to the case, because you — the parent — would not allow that. So, the kid comes with some not-so-ethical way to open it.

It needs to be noted that the issue of kids opening the case with paper clips happens only in the case of some particular gun safes. As you know, different gun safes are available in the market, each coming with different types of locking systems. Out of these, the traditional key-based locks are actually targeted here. So, the kid will use a paper clip and straighten it, thereby inserting it into the keyhole. The rest is up to the luck. In most cases, given the low quality of gun safe, it’s going to be opened in no time.

We hope you understand the real intensity of this issue. If you don’t really care about this, you may end up harming your kid, although inadvertently. As you might know, even if it’s the kid who opens and uses a gun, you, the parent, will have to bear the responsibility — legally, morally and emotionally. Anyway, you can be less worried now. We have some tips that will prevent this whole practice, thus ensuring the best safety for your gun safes.

How to Prevent the Issue with Gun Safes — Some Tips

Unfortunately, or fortunately, this issue doesn’t have a one-step answer to resolving. You need to follow one particular set of tips to make sure that your gun safe does the job it’s supposed to do. We will take you with these steps so that you have a clear idea.

Tip #1

We already mentioned that the issue happens only in the case of traditional key-lock systems. So, it is best if you can avoid that particular type of gun safe. In case you don’t know, you can have a better set of the gun safe for the same price, thanks to technological advancements. In fact, you may not have to spend even the half the expected money to get effective, powerful and convenient gun safe — which is, obviously, a solution for this issue. And, if you don’t really care about the budget when it comes to convenience and build quality, you can go for any of the prominent gun safes in the market.

Tip #2

This one might be more convenient if you still prefer the traditional key-lock system for closing and opening the gun safe. As you know, you can find a wide variety of gun safes in the market, each having a wide variety of features and a convenient budget. So, there are some particular gun safes that offer a unique design that is pry-resistant. They are built with so much power and perfection that not even power-tools will be able to bypass the locking system. There may be some deadbolt system for locking, which is pretty effective when it comes to the overall security of your gun and accessories. This one has been one way to make sure that your kids don’t play with the gun safe, opening it accidentally or otherwise.

Tip #3

Well, you might know these simple steps, as you would have seen before. Just follow them for an easy way of getting rid of the issue.

  • Make sure that you keep the gun safe somewhat away from the kids. The place should be accessible for you, in case of emergency, but not for the kids.
  • Educating the kid would be quite an effective way to prevent this. If the kid knows the dangers of using a gun, they might stop those efforts to break in.
  • If nothing else works, you can go to the old way of keeping the gun and ammo in different places. It’s not really a convenient option, though

Altogether, it seems that you should better go for a powerful, well-built and uniquely-designed gun safe. It might be a premium-budget thing, but your purpose is protection, and it is all that matters.

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