How Robbers Unlock A Gun Safe – A Guide To Gun Theives

It is essential to keep your firearm in a secured location, away from everyone’s reach. People rely on heavy metal safes to keep their guns. But, safes can be easily be broken into with simple tools like straws, paper clips. The safes with fingerprint readers may seem like the sound option. Unfortunately, burglars take off the rubber plates or the fingerprint reader and insert a wire to meddle with the safe to open it, to reach the reset button.

So, it very important to be cautious with your firearms. It is better to be safe than sorry. The burglars aren’t overwhelmed by metal safes. In most cases, they seek for safes they can pry open later. The assumption being, the safe contains cold hard cash or jewelry or anything of monetary significance.

In most situations, the robbers tend to take the entire safe and bolt. There are plenty videos of thieves actively looking for safes they could steal and run. With the right paraphernalia and time, they can unlock these safe. With safes that aren’t anchored, the chances of stealing the safes drastically increases. The owners of safes are under the pretense that heavier safes can’t be broken into. Well, it couldn’t be further from the truth. They have the brains and accessories to complete this tasks within a limited amount of time.

secure gun from thieves

These thieves spend their time resourcefully, updating different ways and means to pry open safes. They can easily look these things on the web or YouTube. There is plenty of information out there regarding “safe-cracking”. Safes are very intriguing to robbers, to what it might hold. They come prepared ahead of time if they know the house has a safe.

While the most common method is hitting the road with the safe, the burglars try some different approaches. They may try to hammer the door, attack the corners of the safe with a crowbar, or use a torch to weld open the door of the gun safe. There are skilled, so the average time for burglary is pretty short. They come into your houses with a clear plan, and a motive to loot you of your monetary assets.

The only way to ensure that you have the most secure safe is to not own one. The worst part is, all you can do is report the theft to the police. The chances of you recovering the stolen items are very scanty. It increases the chances of your house being broken into again.

The next thing to count on, are burglar alarms. But you are out of luck, robbers are skilled to dodge these burglar alarms. The robbers will try to cut the phone wires that leads to the house so the alarm will be unable to call the alarm company. There are many false alarms, the odds of police reaching the location could possibly take hours, giving the robber more than enough time to loot and make a run. The most an alarm could do is, give the burglar a shorter time to commit the crime.

Guide To Safeguard Your Firearms

Anchor The Safe:

anchor the gun safeAfter spending hundreds of dollars on the safe, you must not shy away from spending money to anchor your precious safe. This way, the robber can’t bolt away with your safe. There is a slim chance that he can break into the safe, before the alarm buzzes. This is a great way you get to protect your firearms.

You may be right that it’s dreadful to get the safe out your staircase without the proper apparatus, but burglars won’t hesitate to throw it down the stairs. Anchoring seems like a smart move, preventing them to flee away with the entire safe.

Secure Location:

secure location for gun safeAnother important step is, to find a secure location for your prized safe with guns. Make sure that your safe is harder to locate.

This will make it difficult for the thief to locate your safe, giving him the lesser duration of time to steal. The most common location burglars head for is the master bedroom, refrain from hiding it in obvious places.

Choose The Correct Safe:

When it comes to choosing your locks, make sure to go for a basic combination lock, which could possibly stop a thief from effectively stealing your firearms. Using digital locks is also a better option, which can prevent theft. Safes with hinges situated on the outside make it easier to remove them and break in. You need to do a thorough research before purchasing the correct safe.

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