Gun Safe Door Organizer – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2018

An organization is key when you have a collection of prized firearms. Nothing is worse than having to dig through a mess in order to find your bullets or gun cleaner. It’s important that you have the right information when finding the best gun safe door organizer. In this article, we select a variety of door organizers on the market to help you make the right decision.

If you have a larger safe with around 20-28 guns (rifles or handguns) and your gun safe is getting too small to accommodate all your firearms, you may consider buying a new gun safe door organizer. This saves the guns becoming damaged and ensures easy access to your guns.

Gun Safe Door Organizer Reviews By Experts

#1 Safety Storage Handgun Hangers

These handgun hangers developed by Safety Storage are designed to fit handguns with a maximum length of 10 inches and they can easily fit into a shelf that is less than an inch thick. You can organize your pistols below the safe’s main shelf. This helps in saving storage as you can fit in up to 6 pistols underneath the shelf.

It also allows you to store the handguns in an upright position, thereby making it an easy task for you to grab it in any case of emergency. The outside of these hangers are coated in black and hence will prevent the surface of your pistols from being scratched away.

What Do We Like About It

  • It is easy to grab your pistols as these hangers allow you to keep your pistols in an upright position.
  • These hangers give a lot of space for you to comfortably place your pistols.
  • They are easy to install as you only have to clip the hanger over the shelf.
  • It prevents your pistols from being scratched.

#2 Spika Door Organizer

Spika door organizer is available in different sizes from 12 to 19 pockets along with some room to hold additional long guns. Basically, several pistols can be saved in this organizer. The overall structure makes it really easy to drop in the items.

This door organizer comes with all the hardware you need for the installation, and the installation process is very easy. Installing the door organizer shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes – all you have to is hang it on a stack on safe, and looks heavy duty.

A word of caution over here: Do not overfill any of the pockets as it may prevent proper closure.

What Do We Like About It

  • Its adjustable width is up to 23 inch.
  • It comes with 6 side clips, 2 top clips, 2 bottom clips with a total of 15 pockets.
  • It holds additional 2 guns and comes with 3 handgun holsters, 2 medium zipper pockets.
  • It is extremely easy to install and won’t take you more than 2 minutes.
  • It is lightweight and efficient.

#3 SnapSafe Door Organizer

The SnapSafe Door Organizer makes the perfect organizer for safes by utilizing unused space. In addition to maximizing space, these pistol baskets are coated in PVC to protect your handgun from potential damage or scratches. It works great for storing mags, ammunition, choke tubes, and all other shooting accessories. Its universal design fits all safe doors.

It comes with 6 pistol baskets that can accommodate handguns or other accessories. The good part about this organizer is that it comes with slightly flexible baskets which can be adjusted according to your needs.

What Do We Like About It

  • SnapSafe Door Organizer includes 6 pistol baskets that will accommodate handguns or other accessories.
  • It is engineered specifically for high-quality firearms making it the perfect first accessory as firearms safe.
  • It is easy to install and won’t take more than a minute to install.
  • It will protect your pistols from scratches or damages as the outside is coated in PVC.
  • This organizer is light and efficient and comes within a dimension of 8.25″W x 48″H. Weight: 5 lbs.

#4 Stealth Molle Door Organizer

With plenty of pockets, this is a versatile, durable, and customizable safe door panel organizer. With this Stealth Molle door organizer, you should be in business within few minutes. You can rearrange your organizer as many times as you want to fit your exact specifications. Want all your holsters on the bottom: no problem, along with the right side: no problem, zigzagged through the entire panel: no problem.

You can remove your holster from your belt and attach it to the safe door in seconds. Stealth door panels have extra-long straps making them fit every size of safe out there. If you have a huge safe but only want a small panel, it’s no problem. The straps are also cut one webbing in so you can fit the panel to the door to the exact inch.

What Do We Like About It

  • With the Molle strap system, you can rearrange your organizer as many times as you want to fit your exact specifications.
  • The installation process doesn’t take more than 5 minutes
  • You can move each of the pockets on the organizer’s surface.
  • Stealth door panels have extra-long straps making them fit every size of safe out there. If you have a huge safe but only want a small panel, it’s no problem.

#5 American Security Model 19 Premium Door Organizer

American Security Model 19 Premium Door Organizer Retrofit Kit is a great addition to your gun safe if you need some extra pouches for your ammo, cash, and other valuables. You can increase your safe capacity, utilizing this American Model 19 door organizer, called retrofit kits (PDO). It can be attached with ease to any gun safe’s door panel on the inside.

Included in these kits are mounting brackets for dry or steel wall door panels. It is also equipped with Velcro straps which can be adjusted to fit different door sizes. Two pistol storage systems of full width are available for the accommodation of various handguns. It has four holsters, but you can purchase additional holsters separately.

What Do We Like About It

  • It is easy to install as it comes with wider door-panels, alternate clips.
  • Pistol holsters – flexible arrangement – should you use them.
  • Upper rifle holders – flexible arrangement – should you choose to use them.
  • It has various zippered and see-through pouches in which valuables can be stored. Furthermore, it has two rows with holders for ammunition, small flashlights and choke tubes.
  • It will attach to any interior door of a safe that has a 5/8 inch thick fire board and uses ten clips two on the top, three on each side and two on the bottom to attach.

#6 Liberty Safe 10584 18 Gun Safe Door Panel

Last on the list but definitely not any less in terms of quality and usage. This is a highly rated gun safe door organizer. It comes with four quick draw holster like most other organizers. It has free space for keeping other stuff apart from guns as well.

For instance, it also equipped with a cool pocket. The cool pocket is fireproof and is extremely useful for storing important documents as well. This accessory holster fits on the inside door panel and is easy to install. With several pockets, this door holster provides plenty of secure, storage space.

What Do We Like About It

  • It hangs on the inside of your door panel
  • It comes with four pistol pockets that allows for quick access to guns
  • Cool Pocket that documents protector keeps files protected in the event of a fire
  • The mesh storage pocket and zip pocket allows stashing of other valuables such as jewelry.

How Did We Select The Products?

Here is how we selected these top and best gun safe door organizers for 2018:

  1. We personally tested some of these top-rated gun safes.
  2. We only selected top gun safes from trusted brands/companies.
  3. We also collected reviews and feedback from the people who are using these gun safes.
  4. We also did research on major e-commerce stores to find best products.
  5. We only selected gun safes having tremendous benefits than others.
  6. We only selected best selling gun safes having good user reviews.

Why Should You Get A Gun Safe Organizer?

Many of these gun safe door organizers have been specifically built for their branded safe, but they can still be used on other safes. It is important to take note of these features to ensure that you are buying a quality product.


The main purpose of gun safes is to store our guns (which most safes do nicely). Keeping them secure is one thing, however most safes lack a good organizational structure. Your guns are not toys and should be treated and stored in an orderly manner. Clutter can lead to a dangerous situation, e.g you don’t want one of your guns getting scratched or worse and accidental firing because you didn’t take steps on basic gun safety.

No More Wasting

The weekends are the only time you may have for recreation, so don’t let finding one gun or rifle ruin your day or take up your time. In addition, you don’t need to waste on buying another gun safe to store those extra guns you have, instead, a gun safe door organizer may come in a handy.


Depending on the size of your safe. You will need to determine the correct size organizer for your safe. Many of these gun safe brands will fit on other safes as well, but they have been designed for their respective brands.

Capacity/ Storage

This feature goes hand in hand with size and it is somewhere you could look to cut some costs. It is unnecessary to have an organizer that has multiple pockets if you only plan on storing a few small items.


The durability on these organizers will play a huge part in ensuring that you are allowed to store heavier items inside the various pockets. It is also important to ensure that these pockets do not rip or tear and this will be a huge benefit for storing multiple heavy items.


Many of these gun safe door organizers can easily be mounted and they do not require you to use specialized tools, but others will require you to drill holes and this could be a little time consuming and make the mounting process longer.

What Are The Benefits Of Best Gun Safe Door Organizer

Gun Safe Door Organizers

If you own a gun, it might protect you and your family to some extent, but you have to understand that it is essential, if you own a gun, that you securely store it. If it’s not firmly stored, there could be serious consequences, and you might face some jail time, even though you didn’t commit any crime yourself. Therefore, it is essential to invest in a gun safe if you own a weapon.

It is extremely important to invest in a gun safe that fits your space and needs. There are so many types for sale that it might turn out to be a daunting task to pick one for your home. You can choose from a mechanical gun safe, a biometric gun safe or a combination of bio and mechanical. Invest in a unit that is best for you. If you’re able to remember your access code quickly, and you are sure that you will not forget it once you really need it, then you should opt-in for a cheap digital safe. However, if you’ll need fast access to your firearm, and you know that you won’t be able to remember the password, then go for a biometric gun safe.

What you need to have in mind is that owning a gun is an investment. You might be scratching your head over some additional cost, but the reality is that guns are not cheap, and you need legal permission to own a gun. It’s not enough just to invest in a gun. You need to take care of the gun if you want it to function as 100% and last for years to come. Guns will rust when they are exposed to humidity (just like any metal). Keep your weapons safely stored and protect your guns from unnecessary exposure to rust.

All in all, it must be constructed with high-rated quality, feature additional security to prevent any unauthorized person to access your weapons. If you own more than one gun, then you should look at the storage capacity as you can get top-quality fireproof/waterproof safe to store several long guns. The only things you need to consider are your needs and preferences. All the safes provide maximum security and are all fire rating approved by qualified institutions.

A gun safe organizer might appear to be a relatively logical item. However you’ll find, in fact, a number of qualities that some brands come with. Such attributes consist of inner illumination that lights up instantly once the door is open, also there are rotary racks that aid you with storing your firearms, convenient storage for small pistols in a drawer, and at last dehumidifiers to prevent your weapons from rust and corrosion. At any time, you think that such highlights are important to have in a safe, then you can easily find a safe that includes any of these features.

Final Words

Although it depends on your safe size, you can really customize your layout with a door organizer. Getting a quality gun safe door organizer to keep your firearm safe can be a smart move that will give you lots of rewards. These organizers typically feature lots of small compartments which can be used for storing anything. We would like to encourage you to let us know if you have any questions about these gun safe organizers. And we would also like to remind you to take note of the dimensions to make sure you have the perfect fit.

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