10 Best Biometric Gun Safes for Handgun/Rifle in 2018!

Do you know that Seven out of Ten people forget passcodes that they have not used in a long while? Imagine something like that happening when you urgently want to take out your gun from safe. Horrible, wouldn’t it be? This has been the common issue of passcode-based gun safes all along. Well, at this point, you cannot go back to the key-lock system, which poses the problem of losing your keys. That’s why we’re going to be looking at – biometric gun safe.

Best Biometric/Fingerprint Gun Safes – Recommendations!

#1 Verifi S6000 Smart.Safe. Fast Access Biometric Safe

Technically, Verifi Smart.Safe. Fast Access Biometric Safe isn’t a handgun safe. It’s rather a general safe that you can use for keeping your handguns secure, along with the perks of easy access.

That having said, there are a few innovative features that we hadn’t found in even some of the most popular gun safes. So, if you’re looking for a multipurpose biometric safe, we’d recommend this one.

  • It comes with biometric locking system only, and obviously a backup key for emergency override.
  • You get a solid-steel construction, making the pricier tag reasonable.
  • You can easily manage users who can access the safe, and there is provision for up to 40 prints in total.
  • You can easily expect this gun safe to work fine without being vulnerable to prying or wear and tear.
  • A high-quality FBI Fingerprint sensor is used in this equipment, powered by 3D Imaging.
  • Comes with options like Tamper Alerts, Auto-Locking system, Night-Lights and Effective power management.

However, it seems that Verifi has emphasized on smart security rather than spending more on the heavy build. So, the money you spend will be reflected on how easily you can open this gun safe rather than how many attacks it can handle.

Verifi has gone a bit advanced to bring some smart options like access log, event log and guided tutorials for registration and set up. Despite the advanced features, you would not have trouble in getting started with Verifi Smart.Safe. Fast Access Biometric Safe. To say Verifi Smart.Safe. Fast Access Biometric Safe features are innovative would be an understatement.

In case you are still wondering, Verifi Smart.Safe. Fast Access Biometric Safe has 5/5 rating on Amazon, which is incredible. So, if the budget doesn’t matter and you want the smartest biometric gun safe you can get, go for it.

#2 Vaultek VT20I Biometric Pistol Safe

The Vaultek VT201 is a biometric gun safe that can hold fingerprints of up to 20 different people. Biometric entry helps for quick and easy access with the high-resolution sensor for accurate use. It works via a smart app that consists of a Bluetooth encryption, allowing you to access information from your safe. For instance, you can see how the charge of the safe is holding up, and also see if the safe has been tampered with or not. You will be surprised to know that there are over 40,000 different combinations that can be created to program the safe.

  • Comes with 2 master keys and a biometric access.
  • Fingerprint access allows adding as many as 20 different people who can access it.
  • Keypad reflects dim-light during dark or at night.
  • Lithium-ion powered battery can be charged within 2.5 hours.
  • 40,000 different combinations that can be created to program the safe.

The keypad reflects dim-light during dark or at night. The lithium-ion-powered battery can be charged within 2.5 hours. You can also include a backup set of laser cut keys to allow you to easily access the guns from inside the safe even when the battery has died out. It comes in a compact size and can easily be portable as it can easily fit into the seat of your car. It is very difficult to break into the safe as there are hinges inside the safe that makes it impossible for an outsider without access to get into it. It also comes with anti-pry bars to resist break-in attempts.

#2 Viking Security Safe VS-25BL Biometric Safe

One of the highest-rated biometric gun safes in Amazon, Viking Security Safe VS-25BL Biometric Safe became our favorite choice in no time. If you want to store multiple handguns with the best security and easy access, it becomes a viable option, indeed.

This handgun safe has one of the finest constructions you can expect for this price. You can stay confident if you are concerned about physical attacks and damages.

  • The best part in this package is the combination of keypad and biometric lock systems.
  • Supports Keyed Entry if there is something messy with the digital lock systems of the device.
  • The fingerprint system can store up to 32 unique fingerprints, making the product suitable for offices as well.
  • It comes with a steel construction, with the door of 5mm thickness. Also, the safe is made from one piece of steel, which is great for enhanced strength.
  • We also loved the Locking system, which uses pry-resistant insertion slots and other related features. Literally, you’d not have to worry about someone destroying the safe and stealing your gun.
  • All-in-one LCD Display, which you can use for Passcode setting and for knowing the battery status.
  • Built-in LED lights for night access.

Instead of a semiconductor-based fingerprint sensor, this one uses an optical sensor of 500DPI. In practice, this lets you securely open the safe in a fraction of a second. The motorized lock system is quite effective when it comes to opening and closing the safe. There are a bunch of innovative features we loved in Viking Security Safe VS-25BL Biometric Safe. First of all, you will be notified if the door is kept unlocked for a long while.

Altogether, as long as you want to store multiple handguns with biometric access, this safe is the best choice.

#3 GunVault SVB 500 SpeedVault Biometric Handgun Safe

Available at a reasonable price, GunVault SVB 500 SpeedVault Biometric Handgun Safe is the best choice you can find in the current market. If you want the quick withdrawal of gun from the case, during emergencies, you are going to love this safe, thanks to the innovative design.

As soon as you unlock the safe, a gun container would drop so that you can easily pick it up. The same product can be found with combination locks too, but this is going to bring a lot of advantages.

  • Comes with 18-Guage steel construction, which means the safe is strong enough to keep your handgun.
  • In addition, the product has a foam-lined interior.
  • It can store up to 20 fingerprints at a time.
  • In case of emergencies, you can always rely on backup key, which is simple to use. Just insert the key and turn, you will have the gun ready in your hand.
  • Built perfectly, with each component being as sturdy as possible.
  • You don’t have to worry about children or even burglars who may try to break the safe — it’s not going to be easy.

Coming to the Security aspect, GunVault SVB 500 has one of the most effective biometric locking systems we’ve seen so far. There is an Activation Button that turns on the fingerprint scanner, and then, you can place your finger on the scanner for unlocking the safe. It usually takes less than 1 second, and it’s so quick than you expect. The best part is, in that ½ second, you will have the gun in a nice position to be withdrawn (and fired, if necessary).

Although not extreme, this gun safe has serious battery consumption. It would be a good decision to keep a pair of 9V Alkaline batteries with you. Last but not the least, we found it really easy to mount and install this case, and you can consider having many safes in different rooms of your house, for quick and secure access.

#4 Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe AX11652

We don’t know why but the market is so scarce when it comes to biometric safes for long guns — rifles, for instance. We had quite a huge trouble in finding this, but Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe AX11652 is one of the best gun safes on the market. If you are someone who wants to withdraw your shotguns or rifles quite instantly, you can count on this biometric safe. For the relatively low price you are paying, this one is going to be a great companion for your rifles.

  • If we take a look at the design, Barska Quick Access Rifle Safe is pretty much the standard.
  • You can store up to 4 rifles in this container, and each can be arranged in a quickly-accessible manner.
  • Extra space on top, which can be used for keeping your small handguns, ammunition or other things that you consider valuable.
  • You can store up to 120 fingerprints in the memory and the unlocking process didn’t take more than a second.
  • It comes with an activation button so that you won’t open the safe unless you actually want to.
  • Silent Access, which turns off the beeping sound when you’re unlocking the safe.

The Biometric system of Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe AX11652 too keeps itself with the standard quality. Right after you unlock, you can use the knob to open the cover and withdraw your rifle. Looking from a quick access point of view, it’s all good.

Out of the many features that are projected, Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe AX11652 can be noted for the easier mounting capability. Using the tools included in the package, you can easily get the safe set up on the wall. Last but not the least, Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe AX11652 has an ultimately easy set-up process, even if you are completely new to the tech world.

#5 GunVault GVB1000 Mini Vault Biometric Gun Safe

There are times when you need an actually portable gun safe that offers biometric access — quick and easy. GunVault GVB1000 Mini Vault Biometric Gun Safe would be the best choice in the market for that category. It’s built with the high-quality 16-Guage Steel and comes with a comparatively newer version of locking. It also happens to be one of the most purchased and used biometric gun safes on the market. You might have seen the Combination Lock version of the same before.

  • 16-Guage Steel is used for construction, and the door is resistant to tampering.
  • It is also easy to carry this gun safe around, as the weight is just 10lbs.
  • It is really quick and effective, from the usability point of view.
  • You’d not be able to store more than a single handgun in the container. That said, you might find some space for ammunition or something else.

You don’t have to worry about coming across troubles when using the biometric opening system of GunVault GVB1000 Mini Vault Biometric Gun Safe. The design, being universal, would not take more time for you to turn familiar. What we liked here is that the locking system goes in perfect sync with the biometric system. Just as you close the door and lock it, the pry-resistant lock would become active.

Complementary features:

GunVault GVB1000 Mini Vault Biometric Gun Safe brings alerts through audio and LED beeps. You will know if the safe is running out of battery juice so that you can replace the cell as soon as possible. Even in case of failures, there is a backup override key to rely upon. GunVault products are also noted for the awesome warranty, and this safe comes with an extensive 5-year warranty. Make sure that you don’t get confused with the Combination version, as both have a similar design.

#6 BARSKA Top Opening Biometric Fingerprint Safe

We have another biometric fingerprint safe that can double as a great handgun safe. It may not have features dedicated to storing guns, but the total security is going to be awesome.

Compared to the other, this safe has an affordable price tag as well. As it turns out, we have found a bunch of awesome features in the package too.

The reason why we picked this safe is that it fits well with an immense variety of storage and not just guns. The design here is a bit different than the others.

As the name says, BARSKA Biometric Fingerprint Safe needs to be opened from the top. That is, you can open the safe and take out the gun from the container in the shortest time possible. So, even if you don’t want to mount this safe, accessing the gun would be an easy task indeed. It makes use of motorized deadbolt locks, which are not only effective but also suitable for its biometric lock system in use. You can even put it in your table drawer if you want.

It needs to be noted that the safe isn’t fireproof or anything. That having said, you will know if someone has been trying to tamper with it. As far as the fingerprint scanner is concerned, it’s quick and easy to set up. It’s capable of storing up to 30 fingerprints, and opens up in less than a second, just as we expected. We would like to recommend this from the ergonomics point of view as well. When compared to other products that you find on the market, this one is pretty easy to access, open and take out the gun.

Among the other noticeable things, BARSKA Top Opening Biometric Fingerprint Safe comes with the lowest amount of maintenance you’d expect. Inside the safe, your gun would be ultra-secure, thanks to the protective mat and well-built interior. Also, because the product came with 2 backup keys, battery issues will never be a problem. People who have been using the device for a while, however, say that the batteries last for quite some time.

#7 Barska Large Biometric Safe


Are you someone who wouldn’t hesitate to spend a huge amount for an ultra-secure and convenient safe to keep your long guns? Then, Barska Large Biometric Safe is an effective choice, although really expensive. You are going to have enough space for long guns and other things that you consider important.

Obviously, we’re talking about an ultra-strong safe, which lets you open it using your fingertip.

You can, however, proceed if you have enough of a budget with you. Barska Large Biometric Safe is powered by a 5-Point Deadbolt System for locking the doors and keeping your firearms secure.

The best part is that you can set up the gun safe in any way you like. For instance, we prefer it mounted on the wall so that there is a proper height ratio while withdrawing the arms. Because its design leaves dedicated space for each weapon, you won’t have to mess up with positioning. In addition to space for rifles and other shotguns, there are some removable racks — preferably for handguns and ammo.

The biometric system we found in Barska Large Biometric Safe is quite powerful, for sure. It can store up to 120 fingerprints in memory, letting that many people access the guns. Considering the pricing, you are likely to purchase it for offices or clubs too. According to our testing, registering the fingerprint and unlocking the system on a regular basis is an easy task with this equipment. Everything happens in just a few seconds and there is a backup key if you’re interested.

If you still need more reasons to purchase Barska Large Biometric Safe for your home or club, we will love to mention some. We really liked the Silent Mode, in which you cannot hear the beep sound. Also, once it has been mounted, this steel-made gun safe is pretty sturdy. You don’t have to worry about burglars going to an extent of destroying the safe and getting things done. Last but not least, Barska Large Biometric Safe comes with all the necessary installation tools and 1-year limited warranty as well.

Now that you have seen some of the best biometric gun safes on the market, we will cover something you should know about this particular type of gun storage systems. The idea is to educate you about the real purpose of having a gun safe, even before you purchase one. We hope that should go right. We’ll start with an introduction to Biometric Gun Safes.

Biometric Gun Safes Reviews Comparison 2018

Fingerprint Capacity
Verifi S6000 Smart.Safe.
40 Fingerprints
Check Price
BARSKA Top Opening Fingerprint Safe
30 Fingerprints
Check Price
Viking Security Safe VS-25BL
32 Fingerprints
Check Price
GunVault SVB 500 Biometric Gun Safe
20 Fingerprints
Check Price
GunVault GVB1000 Biometric Gun Safe
32 Fingerprints
Check Price
Barska Large Biometric Safe
120 Fingerprints
Check Price
Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe
120 Fingerprints
Check Price

An Introductory Note on Biometric Gun Safe

biometric gun safe 2017

We believe you know pretty much about gun safes. They are dedicated equipment that can store your guns in a safe manner, accessible to none but you. You might also have different reasons why you are using a gun safe at home or office, depending on where you live and why you use the gun. In many cases, people do that to get rid of the legal issues.

As you know, some countries have made it clear that people should have a gun safe if they own a gun. It is also prescribed that the gun should be kept in the safe if not in active use. There may also be some other concerns about children’s safety. You don’t want your children messing up with these dangerous objects, do you? On top of all these, there is the purpose of preventing thieves or attackers from accessing your gun, right? In the worst cases, attackers take your gun first and start firing, which is worst.

The problem with the traditional type of gun safes is the use of combination locks and keypad locks. Combination locks, as you know, take much time for opening, and you have to repeat the actual combination every time you want to open the safe. This isn’t something really suitable when you are trying to access the gun during an emergency, don’t you think? The case of Digital Passcodes isn’t different either. All the time, you may not have the right circumstances to recall the passcode and enter it for accessing the gun.

fingerprint gun safe

Moreover, as we mentioned in the introduction, people tend to forget passcodes on a regular basis. If you’re thinking you can use a common password, there is the issue of passcode-guessing. That will, once again, put you in more trouble. This is where biometric gun safes become evident and important. You would not have to worry about recalling the passcode or the combination or even carrying the keys with you. It all happens with a single thing you have — your fingertip.

The only difference between a combination-lock gun safe and biometric gun safe is the use of locking system you can find. To open a biometric gun safe, you just have to place the registered finger on the scanner. It will be detected and the safe will be opened in a fraction of one second. This is something great when you take into account the accessibility aspect. You don’t have to wait for anything but just place the finger on the reader. If you have one of the popular biometric gun safes like the first choice of ours, you will take a lesser amount of time too.

In other words, biometric gun safes are an easy, effective and innovative alternative to the commonly seen kind of gun safes out there.

Things You Must Know About Biometric Gun Safe

Manufacturers have been trying their best to come up with the best biometric gun safe, but there are a few small issues you may encounter. So, you should be ready to accept them and adapt when you start using such one gun safe. Let’s have a quick look so that you get the best experience of accessibility and safety.

  • Most of the biometric gun safes are powered by batteries, probably Alkaline cells. As you know, when functioning, the fingerprint system would take up a lot of energy. So, chances are, the battery might be drained in a shorter period of time. Well, there are some exceptional gun cases that manage to hold the charge for a year, but not all of them fall into that category. So, practically speaking, it would be a great idea to keep a pair of spare batteries near your biometric gun safe. If something goes bad, you can use them.
  • You should also make sure that you have the backup override keys available at your disposal. In case of technical glitches, the key is the only way to access your safe and the guns inside. It’s not a usual issue because most gun safes have a feature of notifying you in case of low battery. This way, you’d know if the battery is low and you can replace it to avoid technical glitches.
  • If your budget allows you, it’s recommended to go for quick-access gun safes. These are designed in such a way that the gun would be available for instant withdrawal as soon as the safe is unlocked. In fact, our primary recommendation belongs to that category.
  • Last but not least, if you are purchasing the biometric case for home, you should try to mount it on a higher position. You can also choose a place that is secretive and accessible at the same time. The whole purpose of all these is to protect yourself and the gun from being abused, you know.

If these things can be taken care of, biometric gun safes are the best types of gun safes out there.

The Bottom Line

We won’t say that biometric gun safes are the best in town. As we ourselves have mentioned above, there are a few issues that you will have to encounter. Despite all these, you cannot ignore the benefits of quicker access, convenience, and extra security. Registering fingerprints of 120 people would make more sense than sharing a common passcode to 120 people, right? That’s the whole point here — thus, convenience. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any queries related to the best biometric gun safe reviews.

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