Best Tactical Pants – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2018

Best tactical pants are great for the get-up and go kind of individuals in the world today. They are durable so they are great for use in any situation. A decent pair is a great way to carry whatever you may need, no matter the occasion. With plenty of storage areas and pockets, these pants will allow you to carry the best gear for the job with ease and versatility.

Whether you wear them for work or play, tactical pants are sure to provide more protection than the regular everyday pants on the market. But which kind are the best tactical pants for everyday use? Owing to the ever-increasing number of brands in the market, selecting the best tactical pants is becoming pretty difficult. Both newbies and the ardent buyers are facing a daunting task to select a pair that will fit in perfectly with their entire gear system. For this reason, we have prepared this guide to hold your hand and open your eyes to only the best tactical pants.

Best Tactical Pants Reviews 2018

#1. 5.11 Men’s Tactical 74273 Taclite Pro Pant

The pants are designed to give you quick access to the pockets, so you can retrieve the items you need every day. This Taclite Pro pant is made from 65% polyester and 35% poly cotton for strength, durability, and comfort. These pants are also treated with HT Teflon finish that is designed to resist wear and stains, which is typical of tactical pants. It comes with YZK zippers, which are easy to use, yet, resistant to threads that may otherwise tangle the zipper and prevent its proper function.

In addition to the zippers, there is a clip loop, D-ring that is hip-mounted, and Prym snaps so you can keep your items safe and sound inside. The construction of the fasteners has been gusseted for extra strength and flexibility.

The slash pockets allows for quick access to all items that you keep in your pockets. It’s easy to use, comfortable and helps prevent tearing or excessive wear when you place or retrieve items from your pockets.

There are external pockets for knife that allows for quick access to your knife or other tools without having to carry the item in a larger pocket. This prevents the knife from being mixed in with other items, which makes it easier to retrieve and decreases the wear on the knife as well.

What Do We Like About It

  • All seams are triple stitched which makes them highly durable.
  • The perfect blend of cotton and polyester to maximize durability and comfort.
  • Reinforced stitching in high-stress areas like knees and seat, ensure that the pants last longer.
  • Wide carry belt loops to easily carry gears, sidearm, and other essentials.
  • Teflon treated to protect against stains and dirt, to give you a fresh look every time you wear it.
  • Multiple pockets design for tactical use with rear strap and slash pocket, cargo pockets and magazine/ cell phone pockets.
  • Fully gusseted crotch offers full range movement.
  • Hip-mounted D-ring that serves as key or ID holder.

#2. 5.11 Men’s Stryke Pant With Flex-Tac

5.11 Tactical has been paying attention to the men and women that use their clothing in the line of duty and continue to improve their products. The Stryke pant from 5.11 Tactical is an excellent option for anyone in the security field or for any outdoor work. Offered in 10 colors, waist sizes ranging from 28″-54″ and several inseam sizes, 5.11 Tactical has you covered. Basically, if you’re a human, they have your size. First off, the fabric is a durable stretch ripstop material that just works. As you bend, twist and extend, the fabric moves without constraint. A gusseted crotch further improves comfort while remaining active.

Additionally, a self-adjusting tunnel waistband offers the forgiveness needed for holstering a pistol inside the waistband or outside. Articulated reinforced knees round out the comfortable fit of these cargo pants. Speaking of cargo, the Stryke pant offers the wearer 12 separate pockets to haul the goods.

Two large side pockets are secured with a velcro flap and feature a pair of internal pouches. Perfectly sized for M4 magazines or any other items that you don’t want clanking around while you’re moving out. Comfortable, roomy slash front pockets that would put a smile on the face of any SF soldier. These front pockets also have a small flat contour at the bottom which is reinforced for any clipped accessory. Also located on the front are a pair of reinforced slit pockets for a light, knife, multi-tool or pens. Finally, a pair of velcro flapped back pockets round out the storage situation on the 5.11 Stryke pant.

What Do We Like About It

  • Teflon treated fabric will protect from spills, stains and keep the dirt from clinging to your pants, making them look as good as new every time you use them.
  • Made out of a polyester (65%) and cotton (35%) fabric combination, which makes them very durable and lightweight.
  • Perfect for days on the shooting range providing all-day comfort.
  • Very comfortable to wear, and the elastic waistband will allow you to keep wearing them even if you lose or gain some pounds.
  • Even though these pants have multiple pockets, you’re most likely to use the hand pockets, so the manufacturer reinforced them so they won’t buckle under the weight.

#3. Blackhawk! Men’s Lightweight Tactical Pants

BLACKHAWK! Men’s Lightweight Tactical Pants are comfortable, water resistant, durable and lightweight. Materials like polyester and cotton were used to give you these facilities. If you are looking for quality lightweight tactical pants and ready to pay some extra money, these are ideal for you. Blackhawk looks like loose cargo pants but it is much more than a cargo pant. This tactical pant is made of rip-stop durable polyester and cotton fabric.

There are pockets in everywhere, pockets in pockets, some are small, some are large and some are medium. These pockets will carry your necessary stuff: tactical pen, knife, cell phone, flashlight and much, much more. Blackhawk uses a cord loop instead of D-ring. Blackhawk Men’s lightweight Tactical pants come in different colors: Khaki, black, navy and OD green.

What Do We Like About It

  • Quick-drying stain resistance and gusseted crotch – full range of movement.
  • Hidden waistband slides for greater mobility and comfort.
  • Double layered seat and knees – additional durability and protection.
  • Large top-opening cargo pockets with elastic webbing segments inside for smart storage.
  • Easy access, top opening mag pouch on each leg.
  • Large rear pockets and zip closure rear hip pocket along with hidden, zip closure pocket behind right front pocket.
  • 550 cord loop on front waistband and reinforced hems on ankle cuffs and hand pockets for durability
  • Silicone grip strip in waistband – keeps shirt tucked in.

#4. Vertx Men’s Original Tactical Pants

Sometimes, less is more. Be it a tactically inspired pen, a tactical backpack, or tactical pants. Just because the Vertx Original Tactical Pants aren’t overly tactical in appearance in no way means they’re not up to the task. Much like the rest, the Vertx Tactical Pants provide improved flexibility and ruggedness via a gusseted crotch and articulated knees, while low-profile cargo pockets lessen the pant’s overall tactical appearance without sacrificing precious storage capacity.

A concealed zipper pocket on the right side of the pants secures whatever valuables you may have on hand — be it a folding knife, a smartphone, or something better left unmentioned. These tactical pants are made out of a fabric containing 98% cotton and 2% lycra, and they can be worn comfortably for extended periods of time.

What Do We Like About It

  • Flexible waistband, higher rise in the back ensures more comfortable fit.
  • Concealed zippered pocket on right side secures valuables.
  • Gusseted crotch provides extra flexibility and durability in any position.
  • Low-profile, inset cargo pockets lessen tactical appearance while delivering maximum capacity.
  • Back pocket flaps keep items secure without adding bulk.
  • Articulated knees allow for greater freedom of movement.

#5. Tru-Spec Men’s 24-7 Tactical Pant

The Men’s 24-7 Tactical Pant from TRU-SPEC features a Teflon-coated poly/cotton blend, a comfort slider adjustable waistband, and a professional design that belies its tactical capabilities. The stretch fabric provides a wide range of motion while cargo pockets add carrying capability. It comes with discreetly reinforced knees that add durability to the 24-7 Tactical Pant. These tactical pants are lightweight and comfortable.

They are made from a fabric containing 35% cotton and 65% polyester, which will handle both cold and warm weather easily. The pants benefit from a water-resistant Teflon coating which not only will protect them from spills and stains, but it will increase their resistance and durability, as well. The pants’ front pockets are extra deep, so you’ll be able to store more objects in them or a single larger one.

What Do We Like About It

  • Made of 65% polyester / 35% cotton ripstop.
  • Comes with 14-pocket design.
  • Two extra deep front pockets and two knife/accessory pockets.
  • Two bellowed cargo pockets with hook-and-loop closure and two internal magazine compartments located inside cargo pockets.
  • Two cell phone/magazine pockets and two built-in knee-pad pockets.
  • Five extra-sturdy belt loops and a tunneled elastic waist.
  • Lightweight and ideal for warmer climates.

#6. Propper Men’s Lightweight Tactical Pant

The Propper Men’s Tactical Pant features a low-profile design made of lightweight, breathable ripstop fabric, coated in DuPont Teflon fabric protector to repel stains and liquids. With nine pockets, an action-stretch waistband, extra-large belt loops, you can carry your gear in comfort. The seat and knees are reinforced for extra durability, while still allowing the addition of kneepads. With 9 pockets, there really is space for everything in these pants. There is also a D-ring for you to connect keys and anything else with a loop.

These pants are made with a combination of polyester and cotton and have been designed to be fade and wrinkle resistant. They are also waterproof and stain resistant. What more could you ask for in practical pants. These travel cargo pants are finished to a great level. They are top notch with perfect construction and come in a range of low-key colors. They are also very lightweight and breathable.

What Do We Like About It

  • Two hook and loop back pockets with wallet “pocket in a pocket”.
  • These pants’ finished are top quality. The seams and stitches are straight, without loose threads or crooked seam patterns.
  • They are specially designed to be worn all year round, so they will handle both high and low temperatures as well, providing the necessary warmth or coolness and protection you need.
  • The fabric treatment also protects the pants from dirt and offers increased anti-rip protection.
  • Due to the nine-pocket design, you can keep a lot of necessary gears in this tactical pant.

Tactical Pants Buying Guide

best tactical pants

Initially, tactical pants were designed as practical work clothing for woodchoppers. However, because of their usefulness in combat situations, both police and military forces quickly embraced them. Their widespread popularity is no surprise given the level of protection they provide for the outdoor enthusiasts.

However, the market has witnessed an influx of brands fighting for the ever-increasing market share. As a result, deciding on the best tactical pants is a daunting task. Unless you arm yourself with the right information, you will fall for the traps of the fake brands. There is no denying tactical pants provide a plethora of benefits, which include easier movement and better fit. If you are in the market for the best tactical shorts or pants, here are 6 factors to consider to get a pant that will offer you benefits.

1. Fabric

This is a huge factor and will determine the strength, feeling, durability, weight, and stretchability. There are 3 basic types of materials used in these pants and they include nylon, cotton, and polyester.

  • Nylon is a material that is created from a liquid that is then spun and dried into individual strands of fibers. It is very tough, lightweight and it does not absorb a lot of liquid, which makes it somewhat water resistant.
  • Polyester is also made from a liquid form and is also very tough and lightweight. What makes this material so special is that it does not easily wrinkle and is very resistant to shrinking.
  • Cotton is a plant-based and natural material. It is not as strong as nylon and polyester but when combined with any type of fabric, it will give it a softer texture that is easier to wear.

Most of the times, these 3 materials will be mixed with one another and form a type of fabric that is called ripstop. It will either be cotton with nylon or cotton with polyester. The cotton will make the material softer while the nylon and polyester will add strength to it.

2. Durability

There are many types of tactical pants designed using different materials including; canvas, cotton, and synthetic fabrics. Cotton is an excellent choice in terms of comfort and durability. However, it retains moisture and is heavier than the other. A number of cotton blends are available that offer better moisture wicking capabilities and are not heavier. In addition, cotton fabric is treated with silicone for better weatherproofing which a notable benefit.

Canvas is superb since it doesn’t wear easily. However, it’s a lot heavier and doesn’t offer much in terms of ease of movement. Synthetic fabrics like spandex or lycra are typically lightweight which help them provide excellent flexibility. In addition, synthetic fabrics wick moisture well.

3. Comfort

Whatever the role you want to apply the tactical pants for, they should be comfortable enough for you to avoid uneasiness. It can be really challenging if you wear a tactical pant that doesn’t fit you well, or is very buggy or the material doesn’t interest you at all. Purchase a tactical pant that makes you feel comfortable and okay.

4. Cargo Storage

Any well-prepared survivalist or outdoor enthusiast must be ready for every survival scenario. This means storing the essential tool in a place where they can be quickly accessed. The best tactical pant should feature deep pockets to allow for storage of self-defense weapon, knife, multi-tool, and flashlight. And to secure the tools, the pant should have zipper or Velcro closures.

Some tactical pants feature external cargo pockets while other have inlaid pockets. Regardless of the type of pocket, there should be enough room for all the important tactical gear. In addition, the pocket should be perfectly designed for convenient accessibility of the tools.

5. Ease Of Movement

Outdoor activities are demanding, for this reason, the best tactical pant is one that allows for ease of movement. The fabrics should be more flexible and come with excellent features like gusseting and pleats in the knees.

6. Weather Resistant

Weather resistance is also quite high on the priority of many professionals. If you plan to work in rain or snow, you want a tactical pant that is waterproof so that the weather won’t slow you down. The best water-resistant fabric is usually coated with a special coating called Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating. Look for the DWR rating if you want a genuinely water-resistant pant.

Who Should Buy Tactical Pants?

Tactical Pants

These pants are great for people who have a need for tactical pants for everyday use. They can be worn for military or civilian use. They can be used when traversing rough terrains and can also be worn in situations where you may need to change environmental conditions rapidly. You can use them simply for the convenience of extra storage when on the go around town.

Final Verdict

Tactical cargo pants are the ideal choice when you need heavy-duty trousers to make your outdoor amazing. Available in different styles, materials, and performance, you can ideally select your choice. However, you need to be sure about your size. We hope our comprehensive buying guide has explained how to select between the features of different tactical pants models, and how wearing the best tactical pants in different scenarios can bring several advantages. No matter how long you’re planning on wearing them, finding the right pair of tactical pants will make every experience comfortable and will make you enjoy it more.

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