Best Boot Knife – Reviews And Buyer’s Guide 2018

The boot knife can be lifesaving. Having a weapon that is well hidden and can be reached quickly is a great plus. Just extending your hand below your knee can save your life in the case of a physical assault. A boot knife can also be a handy tool to cut a rope or through bushes on a trip to the wilderness. If you are into action and suspense movies, then you probably know what a boot knife is. As the name suggests, a boot knife is a small fixed blade knife that is usually worn on or in a boot. It is also called a gambler’s dagger. This might be due to all the movie scenes where the actors start to have this wild fight in the bar over money until one ends it to his favor using the best boot knife.

Tactical Boot knife is a very popular tool among men. Normally, Boot knife is a very small type of fixed blade knife. Most of the boot knife comes with double edge blades. This boot knives design for carrying in or on a boot. Every boot knife blade made of stainless steel, because, to high strength and prevent corrosion. Blade knives are usually concealed weapons that are designed for protection. They usually come in a leather sheath for easy access. Boot knives can easily fit into a purse or a bag. Some of them also come with a belt strap or a shoulder harness to be worn under a jacket.

Best Boot Knife Reviews 2018

#1. SOG Instinct Boot Knife

SOG Instinct Fixed Blade NB1012-CP is a small pocket sized knife which comes very handy in any unwary or troublesome situation where the user is in a fix. This is a reasonably priced boot knife that you may give a serious thought to. Listen to your instinct when you are looking for a compact, wearable fixed blade knife that will perform in situations which demand your full attention.

The Instinct Satin Belt or Boot Knife presented by SOG offers you a variety of carry options including wearing it around the neck with a lanyard. It has a strong 2 3/10” 5Cr15MoV steel clip point satin polished blade and a sturdy stainless steel and G-10 handle with a lanyard hole.

It can also be clipped to a belt or boot with the multi-angle adjustable clip, plus, it can also be secured to a vest or bag with its many attachment points. When your first instinct is to go for a blade, consider the SOG Instinct.

The durable G10 handle has finger grooves to ensure that you have a steady grip on the knife. Also, included is a hard-molded nylon sheath that provides you with multiple carrying options. The sheath features a multi-angle adjustable clip, attachment holes, lanyard hole, and ball chain. You can carry this small, compact knife around your neck, on your belt, boot, bag or clothing. The knife snaps into the sheath securely to ensure that it can be carried safely and easily.

What Do We Like About It: 

  • Blade material is 5cr15 stainless steel.
  • The shape of the blade is clip point that has a satin polish finish.
  • Comes with a G10 machined stainless steel handle.
  • The shape of the handle is anti-grip and slip resistant.
  • The blade is noncorrosive by nature.
  • Comes with a nylon sheath or covers which is very hard and molded.
  • The piece has a lanyard hole at its end to attach necessary cordage.
  • The blade length is 2.3 inches and the overall length is 5 inches.
  • This tool can be easily hidden inside the boot or kept in the pocket.
  • Best use for self-defense.

#2. CRKT Shrill Double Edge Boot Knife

The Matthew Lerch designed Shrill fixed blade is a tactical boot knife to aid in protecting. It has an asymmetric design with a 4.8″ dual-edged dagger blade and full-tang handle with layered Micarta scales. CRKT kept the Shrill’s weight down to enable comfort in everyday combat attire, and it includes a leather sheath for attachment to your boot or belt.

If you understand that quality comes with a price, then you will know why this boot knife costs more than other products. This knife features a sturdy and versatile double-edged blade that measures 4.8 inches. The tough blade features a spear point that is strong enough to pierce the body of an opponent in one swift move.

At the same time, the double-edged razor blade is strong enough for slashing and can be used for professional and recreational uses. It is the best boot knife to protect and attack.

This boot knife features a stylish, tough two-toned handle that connects securely to the blade and will not break. It won’t break under any condition. The handle allows you to control the blade very well to cut even through vegetation on a trip to the wilderness. It also comes with a leather belt or sheath that you can use to attach your knife and conceal it whenever you want to use it.

What Do We Like About It: 

  • A low profile sturdy boot knife that is very easy to conceal.
  • A versatile and sharp double-edged blade with a spear point.
  • The best blade to save you on life-threatening situations because it is very lightweight and efficient.
  • A stylish two-toned handle that will never break.
  • Gray titanium nitride coated to limit reflections on this symmetrical spear point that is hollow ground with true dual edges.
  • Two-tone micarta handle is screwed to the full tang blade. Lightweight design is slightly handle heavy and very comfortable in the hand. Extended lanyard loop can also double as a strike point.
  • Sewn black leather with a strong steel clip securely keeps the sheath in place.

#3. Schrade Needle Boot Knife

This Schrade knife is absolutely stunning to look at, and even nicer to hold. This is a 12 inch blade with lots of neat features that make it an exceptional hunting and survival knife for out in the bush. Like the SCHF19, this blade features a blood groove which strengthens the blade and makes it less likely to crack under pressure. This blade also features serrated edges on both sides, which, while also being a pretty cool stylistic choice, also makes cutting a whole lot easier.

It’s lightweight, easy to carry, and while it’s rather long compared to some of the other knives on this list, it’s still a perfectly viable knife to carry out on camping trips or hiking.

What Do We Like About It:

  • This is the lightest knife of all 6 products. If you want an extremely lightweight boot knife, this may be the best choice.
  • In addition to its small weight, the knife is also the ideal size for being easily concealed.
  • Though the blade is small, the crossguard of the tang is wide enough to prevent your hand from sliding down the blade which is nice.
  • It has a lanyard hole for hanging and hooking
  • Even though the blade is slightly on the thin side, it comes with a double-edged design that offers serrated surfaces as well as straight ones.
  • A good thing about this model is that it comes with a spear point design, and the manufacturer even included a blood groove on the middle of the blade, which will come in handy if you get to use the knife in a self-defense scenario.

#4. Smith & Wesson Full Tang Boot Knife

This sharp little knife is constructed from high carbon stainless steel and features a dual-edge spear point blade with a full tang. The blade measure 4.75” which is good enough for stabbing at even thicker depths. Actually, this blade is a favorite of tactical professionals. The handle 4.25” handle is wrapped in a rubber sheet for an easy grip.

It also has a lanyard hole which you can utilize to hook the blade into a string and wear it around your hand for safety. Also, the reinforced stitching and material of the leather sheath which covers the blade is exceptional. The blade fits nicely and securely inside the sleek leather pouch with a sturdy steel clip for accessibility.

The full tang makes this an even stronger knife, suitable for the toughest users around. It’s a knife used and trusted by many civilians as a means of self-defense. The black coating means it is more discreet than other knives used for self-defense. What’s more is that Smith & Wesson provide a lifetime guarantee on this knife. The only negative comments were that it was a stainless steel blade, as opposed to stainless steel carbon blade. Full length of this boot knife is 8.843 inch and blade length is 4.75 inches. This boot knife has very small weight so, very easy to use this.

What Do We Like About It: Best Features

  • It has a double-edged dagger blade made from high carbon stainless steel. Designed to provide the perfect back-up or daily carry, this fixed blade has a tough full-tang design that will stand up to any cutting job.
  • The handle has a grippy texture and a rubberized feel for high-performance use in difficult conditions.
  • Item includes a molded Kydex sheath with a stainless steel boot clip.
  • This knife uses full tang construction to provide added strength to the foundation of the knife and includes a leather boot/belt sheath.
  • The handle is made of polymer and has groove pattern for comfort and control. The blade has a black finish and handle is tan with a brown insert.
  • The textured surface of the handle will also allow you to hold it tightly even in bad weather conditions.

#5. Schrade Small Boot Knife

You can’t beat a boot knife when it comes to having a backup knife that is tucked away and not in your way. This series from Schrade is affordable and is designed to be comfortable down in your boot! This Schrade F19 tactical dagger boot knife features a black 7Cr17 high carbon stainless steel blade available in double or single edge with your choice of lengths. The handle is a textured thermoplastic elastic that provides ample purchase even when wet and has a double finger guard to protect you from stabbing cuts. The leather sheath is designed for the boot or belt with a button closure method to attach the knife and a strong steel booth clip. The button strap on the sheath is extremely easy to release when you’re trying to draw your knife in a hurry so always latch it up, the sheath is not a friction fit model.

The blade itself is a cool 3.6 inches, small and lightweight for easy carrying. The handle is another 3.4 inches, but while the overall knife is small, it certainly packs a punch. The small size makes it easy for sticking in your boot, unnoticed and undetected. Such a knife is ideal for self-protection, or even being out in the woods.

It’s perfect for a day bag or an outdoor bag, for whatever may come up. The spear point blade has a single sharpened edge. The handle has a bright pink, textured, TPE wrapped handle that offers a very comfortable grip along with added protection against slipping. There is a lanyard hole in the handle, but it also comes with a black leather sheath and an attached boot/belt clip so you can keep the useful blade close at hand.

What Do We Like About It: 

  • It features a strong, high carbon, double-edged blade fitted with a blood groove.
  • It also has a sleek spear point design which is optimal for being out in the field.
  • The 7Cr17 high carbon stainless steel blade will withstand a lot of heavy-duty cutting and slicing.
  • This dagger-style spear point blade is razor sharp with a piercing point.
  • The balance of the knife is another point that is appreciated, and the value is also thought to be good considering the low purchase price.
  • The knife’s handle is wrapped in rubber and it has a textured surface that will help you maintain a good grip even if the handle or your hands are wet.

#6. SOG Snarl Boot Knife

The SOG Snarl is perfect when you want something quick, utilitarian and easy to conceal for any number of reasons. The Snarl is a small, one-piece fixed boot knife that offers multiple hand position options and the kind of sharp performance that doesn’t let up — even after heavy use. The Snarl was designed by custom knife maker Jason Brous and offers his signature blend of utility and artistic vision. It’s practical, yet retains the creative lines and features of a more sophisticated knife.

Out of the box, it’s extremely sharp and while some of the knives we tested had dull points, the Snarl’s point is sharp and stayed that way. The sheepsfoot style blade, made from 9Cr13MoV stainless steel with a satin finish, is easy to maneuver without getting your fingers caught up in the action, and the ergonomic shape of the knife makes it easy to use without feeling cramped, which can be the case with other knives this size. The handle has two finger holes and jimping for different grips while maintaining ergonomics and comfort. The sturdy build and functional design makes it a great utility blade. It comes with a versatile hard molded nylon sheath with a robust removable clip and ball chain for various carrying options.

What Do We Like About It: Best Features

  • One piece satin finish 9Cr13MoV stainless construction with finger coil.
  • A great thing about the Snarl is that it has an amazing construction. The knife is made out of a single piece of stainless steel, and it’s very durable.
  • Even though it’s rather short, the knife’s handle offers a surprisingly comfortable grip.
  • Blade’s sheepsfoot design is made for stabbing and making powerful cuts, so it’s very effective despite its small size.
  • This is a very good concealed-carry knife that provides a nice value.

Why Should You Carry A Boot Knife?

Why Should You Carry A Boot Knife

If you are adventurous and like to enjoy the hunting, camping, hiking, and fishing. Then you have to prepare yourself to face the challenging situations. A boot knife is an excellent survival partner to carry comfortably during your adventure. Boot knife can be used as a defensive tool during emergency situations. It’s handy and easily accessible as it’s located pretty near the right side of your leg (if you are a right-handed person). Since most of these knives are slim, it’s suitable for everyday carry. Furthermore, boot knives are normally hidden and therefore gives you an added advantage when you being attacked by humans or wild animals. Boot knives are widely used by survivalists as well as outdoorsmen in the hunting, fishing and outdoor industry.

How To Wear A Boot Knife?

Wearing a boot knife is a great way to prepare yourself for dangerous situations, and is definitely considered one of the basic survival skills. In fact, survival knives are a must-have item in our wilderness survival gear checklist. First and foremost, it depends on the design of your boot ring. These days, the whole process is easy and intuitive because most boots that are designed specially to carry a boot knife will come with built-in straps made of the sheath while some brands come with an integrated pocket. In cases where you are not lucky to have either of the rings mentioned above, you should carefully read these instructions on how to safely and securely stow your knife in your boot.

  • First, you need to have a knife, a boot, and a string. The boots should be comfortable to wear and you should be able to access your knife easily. Also, the knife should be long enough to not get lost in your body, and if it’s too short, it may slide to the ground. The size of the knife should be carefully considered.
  • Then put on your boots and carefully slide your knife with sheath into one boot. If properly done, it should ride on the outside of the boot, and this should be on the stronger side of your body.
  • The half-inch of sheath stick should be above the boot top and if it isn’t at the right position, you can do this by adjusting the depth of the knife.
  • Use a piece of string (a shoelace works perfectly) and attach the exposed sheath to your calf. On the exposed sheath on the flat edge place the center of the string. Finally, wrap it twice around the sheath and then twice around your calf and tie it in place.

Benefits Of Owning A Boot Knife

Boot knives are great tools to own. In a busy city, they provide great protection from potential attackers. It is comforting knowing you have a weapon concealed at your ankle when walking home late at night. Boot knives are also more discreet than carrying a gun for protection. And they are less dangerous to have in the house. With so many gun-related accidents happening in the domestic sphere across America, a boot knife is a safer alternative for protection.

For someone in the police force, boot knives are a useful form of back up protection. If a gun goes missing from your grip, having a boot knife is the next best option you could hope for.

As a hunter, they are useful to have kept out of the way until needed. You’re already carrying a lot of equipment as you track your prey, so once you’ve caught it, it’s good to know your knife is tucked into your boot so you can bone or skin straight away, without having to go through your rucksack.

What Is A Tactical Knife?

It is important to understand what we mean by a tactical knife. A tactical knife is a knife designed to be used for a range of purposes, such as for camping, hunting, or everyday cutting needs, but can also be used as a self-defense tool. All knives are technically capable of being used for self-defense, so it is important to narrow down the knife type based on the activities you intend to perform with the knife as a compass rather than focus on what a tactical knife is or isn’t.

5 Key Considerations To Make Before Buying Best Boot Knife

Benefits Of Boot Knife

To ensure that you get a boot knife that works for you, following are some of the features that you should look for so that you can find a boot knife that you can depend on for years to come:

Blade and Handle Length:

One of the first considerations when choosing a boot knife is its size. It needs to be small enough to carry comfortably and discreetly, but large enough to be effective. Typically a blade length between 3-5″ is ideal for a boot knife. Handle length varies based on personal preference and the size of the user’s hands. The overall size should be small enough to easily conceal the knife in your boot or on your belt.


The material and the shape of the handle are the important things. The important thing is the handle should be comfortable. It must be made of a slip resistant material that can give a good and soft grip while hard tough at the same time. It would feel comfortable during concealed if it should not be too rough. The following are some good handle materials: Zytel, Hypalon, G10, Canvas Micarta, Linen Micarta, Kraton.

Steel Quality:

It is one of the most important aspects because depending on the quality of the steel, it lasts its sharpness. The stainless steel blades made are tough and durable and mostly used in the blades. The high carbon steel imparts better sturdiness.

Blade Design:

Most boot knives feature either a double-edged blade with a spear point or a single-edged blade with a clip point because both designs work well for slashing as well as piercing. In fact, either blade design can be constructed to incorporate a shallow belly which optimizes the point for stabbing or, to incorporate a deep belly which optimizes the tip for slashing. But, it should be noted that even so, the double-edged blade design is primarily designed for stabbing whereas, the clip point blade design is primarily designed for slashing.

The Sheath:

Since you’ll conceal the knife right beside your foot, it’s important to look for a sheath that will feel comfortable wearing around the ankle or leg part. Leather sheaths are the common covering used for boot knives. They feel soft to the skin and they’re thick enough to provide protection.


Since the blade of your knife is what will be doing most of the work, look for a quality steel. The right steel is hard enough to hold a sharp edge and tough enough to withstand bending or breaking. High carbon stainless steel is commonly used for knife blades as it resists rusting and sharpens well. 440C is considered a very high-end stainless steel and is used in some of the best boot knife on the market today. Also, consider the handle material. You want something that is not only durable but comfortable to hold and easy to grip. The slip-resistant material is essential. Look for something texturized for superior grip.

Basic Characteristics Of Tactical Boot Knife Type

Best Boot Knife

The first and most important topic to cover in our tactical knife buying guide is the matter of type. There are several types of knives available on the market and each one is unique to its category. Here are a few of the most popular options you will encounter when looking for a tactical knife:


A folding knife is essentially a pocket knife that is small and can be folded shut. Folding knives are one of the most versatile options on the market since they can be single bladed, double bladed, smooth or serrated, and come in a variety of sizes which still fit in your pocket. Of course, many types of multi-tools such as the Swiss Army knife are considered folding knives, so the category is a pretty diverse one.

Fixed Blade

A fixed blade knife is durable and larger in both thickness and length compared to the typical folding knife. A fixed blade doesn’t fold in as part of the design and is usually covered with a sheath. The size of this category can range from medium to large sized blades. They are also many knives in this category which are designed with specific purposes in mind, especially for hunting purposes. For instance, this grouping of knives can have options such as skinners, gut hook knives, and general use camping knives capable of cutting through everything from paracord to animals for the purpose of gutting and skinning.

Full Tang

A type of knife where the knife is one continuous piece of metal where the blade is extended into the handle. This is one of the sturdiest knife types and longest lasting because it is made with a high-quality metal, and because as opposed to knives with a separately connected handle and blade, it will never become loose or break off.
When looking at the knife type, you want to evaluate if you need a special knife for hunting reasons or a general knife for self-defense purposes as part of your EDC. This will help you narrow down which knife types might be best for your needs.


This is an option that is usually misunderstood. A switchblade knife is simply a knife where the blade is opened by way of a force mechanism or a spring operation. While this type of knife has a bad reputation, it can be a useful type to have on hand since it is lightweight and easy to use.

Assisted Open

An assisted open knife can be a folding knife, switchblade, or even a butterfly knife. Any knife that where the blade isn’t automatically ready to use and requires some form of force to access the blade is considered assisted open. When looking at this factor, make sure the assist open can be performed with one hand if you require that feature.

Final Verdict

Boot knives are used by people as a self-defense tool and are very handy in alarming conditions. It is not easy to find the best boot knife by merely going through the options but this comprehensive guide will help you make the right selection. The knife should be convenient, comfortable and sturdy along with proper concealment. Buying the best boot knife can be life-changing. You will have the lightest and most versatile weapon available just by reaching out to your boots. You don’t have to worry about anyone knowing that you are carrying a boot knife because you can easily hide it. Bring your knife out only when you need it and use it however you need to. Just make sure that you are doing a good research in order to buy the best product on the market

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