best biometric gun safeDo you know that Seven out of Ten people forget passcodes that they have not used in a long while? Imagine something like that happening when you urgently want to take out your gun from safe. Horrible, wouldn’t it be? This has been the common issue of passcode-based gun safes all along. Well, at this point, you cannot go back to the key-lock system, which poses the problem of losing your keys. That’s what we’re going to be looking at today – the best biometric gun safes.

Biometric Gun Safes use the easiest, simplest and effective way to unlock the safe is — fingerprint! It means, you can unlock the safe in just a second, exactly like you unlock your smartphone or computer. As opposed to common thought, biometric gun safes have become so affordable and effective. They also come with innovative features that surpass the common issues like battery draining and build quality. Read More

best gun safeOut of the many things that I find myself interested in, Guns are something special! I have always loved how they work and enjoyed the pleasure of owning many guns, both rifles and handguns. Friends also approach me when they need to purchase a new gun for purposes like hunting, self-protection etc. and accessories to keep it intact. So, Best Gun Safe is something that I recommend to every one of them, due to obvious reasons.Gun Safe is one of the many things that can help you keep the gun secure. You would not want someone to steal your gun and use it for something illegal, right? Or, even worse, you don’t want your kids to harm them by messing up with a gun. Also due to the legal obligations and new laws, it has become a necessity to use one of the best gun safes around. Read More

gun-safety-tipsLiving in the 18th Century, Daniel Boone once made a statement that “All you need for happiness is a good gun, a good horse, and a good wife.” We are not sure about the other two, but we are still sure that a gun is capable offering you happiness — confidence and security too, in some cases.

And, as opposed to the days of Boone, it’s now an easy thing to purchase a gun for your own. We don’t really care whether you purchase the gun for hunting, self-defense or some other practice. But, the point is, you need to keep it secure. Being secure isn’t just about not getting it stolen or anything. More importantly, we think, you should store a gun in such a manner that you only have voluntary access to it. Read More

kids-with-gunsAmong the many ways to keep your firearms secure, Gun Safes are said to be the best! Obviously, you will not have to worry about thieves getting into the house and stealing the guns from you. At the same time, there is enough protection from the activities of kids and natural wear-and-tear. However, kids nowadays are very keen when it comes to techy things and you cannot expect what they are going to do.

Quite lately, we’ve been listening to a problem from people who own gun safes. The issue seems simple on paper: kids are using straws and paper clips to open gun safes. This way, the whole purpose of having a gun safe is defeated in its core sense, thus putting you in deep trouble. I mean, what’s the point of having a gun safe if your kids still have access to the firearm? Read More

children-with-gunHaving your own gun may give you a lot of benefits in the long run, but nothing comes without responsibility, you know. You might have purchased the gun for self-defense or for hunting needs. Either way, it becomes your own responsibility to keep it secure and inaccessible to anyone else.

Apart from getting your gun stolen or lost, there’s something else you must be concerned about — your kids accessing the guns, be it a pistol, rifle or anything else. The last thing you want is them getting their hands on these weapons and a possibility of hurting themselves or others. In fact, there have been many instances too. Like, children would get their hands on the gun and end up in chaos. Read More