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Guns are for safety. So, choose wisely! 

gunA gun plays an integral part for one’s safety. It helps you to tackle unpredicted and undesirable events and to keep you, your family and your property safe. Safety is of the prime concern; hence one should not compromise on the same. Therefore, it becomes vital to select the suitable gun which gives you the best protection and the best value for money. A gun represents its owner’s personality. With so many choices available, choosing the correct firearm is a challenging task. Our team of experts reviews each product and helps you select the most suitable option.

We help our readers to select the right firearm and ammunition, depending on their needs. Additionally, we also provide the safety advice, as we consider it is imperative to be cautious when the gun you are holding in your hand is real. We review everything from handguns, rifles and air pistols to gun safes and other accessories. Whether you are an expert, a newbie or you want to begin the collection, our reviews expert advice will definitely help you to learn about the product everything you need to know about the Guns and accessories, including ammunition, shooting chronographs, etc.

Air Guns and Pellets

Air guns are cheaper, offers safety and short ranged. If you want a gun which can be introduced to a teen, an adult, an old man or a person of any age, air guns are a perfect way. Available in different sizes, weights, and style, air guns vary in quality and accuracy. These are generally powered by CO2 cartridges, spring pistons or pneumatic or pump-action. CO2 cartridges give the highest power and speed but require frequent replacement. To the contrary, spring and pump-action Airguns do not require any additional accessories.

Pallets too vary in size, weight, and style. Different types of pellets for air guns include PBA and solid, wadcutter pellets, hollow point and domed or round-nosed. Each of these offers different results. Choosing the right pellet is also an essential task. Sometimes cheaper pellets are responsible for poor accuracy. It is necessary to choose pellet which best suits the air gun. Not every pellet works in every air gun. Our reviews will help you to pair pellets with your guns.

Rifle and AR15 Scopes

rifleRifle-scopes for AR15 and red dot scopes are available in a variety of styles. Some remain accurate for years to come; however, others seem to fail at least opportune times. Long-range scopes are very sensitive, and hunters rely on them for accuracy. Their functionality depends on the weather. Some Scopes, for example, work well in dry conditions but easily fog in high humidity. Essentially, the magnification offered by the scope is also to be considered since some rifles offer a range shorter than others do.

The reviews here at Gun Safe Guide are unbiased. We review the top scope brands like Vortex, Nikon, Bushnell, and others. Some of these brands’ scopes offer the ability to switch reticle colors from red to green. This shift is necessary depending on the shooting environment. Other scopes provide a quick-switch feature to change the field of view in varying conditions easily.

Gun Safes

gun safeKeeping your firearms safe and ammunition, and accessories out of the wrong hands is of prime concern for every responsible gun enthusiast. Gun safes are available in various styles and sizes. Here at Gun Safe Guide, we review several gun safes from manufacturers like Liberty, Steelwater, Winchester, Stack-On, and Cannon.

Whether you require a small safe to hold a couple of guns or a vast safe designed to keep your entire collection, our team helps you make the right decisions. You can find under-bed, car, biometric safes, upright, in-wall gun safes and various other types of gun safes under $1000.

Gun Safe Dehumidifiers and Door Organizers

A dehumidifier is necessary for maintaining the integrity of your collection since moisture may cause rust and corrosion. For added safety and organization, we also review gun safe dehumidifiers and door organisers. The main types of dehumidifiers include two options – electric and desiccant styles. The electronic style is most popular among gun enthusiasts as it removes moisture even from the otherwise inaccessible corners within the safe. However, it requires wiring, which is not suitable in some situations. On the other hand, a desiccant style dehumidifier simply absorbs moisture like a sponge. It is compelling to choose a good brand to remove the most moisture possible. We will help you to take that decision by reviewing both – electric and desiccant dehumidifiers.

Shooting and Safety

Door organisers are also significant since they store ammunition and other accessories, giving you immediate access to your pistol, rifle, or other firearms. A well-organized gun safe could mean the difference between life and death in certain situations. Some of the safes reviewed here at Gun Safe Guide, come with door organisers preinstalled. If they don’t have it preinstalled, it is available from any gun safe retailer. Choosing the right organiser for your needs is essential.


ear protectionGunshots are incredibly loud. They can cause hearing loss over time. Hence, ear protection is necessary for shooters and spectators alike. Again, there are two main types of ear protection for gun owners – standard and electronic. A standard earmuff simply overlays the ears to block the potentially damaging sound waves from entering. While an electronic earmuff not only covers the ears and decreases the volume of gunshots but also magnifies low-volume sounds, such as speech. Hence, the sound of the environment comes through the earmuffs at a non-damaging but audible volume. Earmuffs are essential for any gun enthusiast. We provide a detailed review of Earmuff from top manufacturers like Howard Leight, Glock, and 3M.

A real gun enthusiast takes his/her firearms and their safety very sincerely. Choosing the adequate products make all of the difference in your collection, whether the product you need is a scope, gun, or even a safe. Here at Gun Safe Guide, we consistently work to review all of the top products on the market to enable you to make the right decision.

Lubricshooting & Cleaning Kits

Proper maintenance and care of your firearm, such as using a high-quality gun oil, etc. can make an immense improvement in the effectiveness and performance of your gun. Everybody wants their can is in the best working condition it can possibly be in.

Whether using the gun for self-protection or hunting, a properly functioning firearm is essential. Besides, with an easy-to-follow Gun Cleaning Kit Reviews Guide, you will always be armed with an accurately functioning firearm.


flashlightIf the use of a tactical flashlight in your professional capacity benefits you, then you’ll have first-hand experience regarding the usefulness of specific manufacturers’ products and the benefits of those flashlights have over other brands. Though, the absolute brightest tactical flashlight may just be out of your reach for many reasons.

Whether you’re looking for the best tactical flashlights or for the pistol lights for self-defense precautions, for outdoor environments, for general-purpose use around the house, or even for professional deployment, all you need to know about is chasing the highest lumen rating, in which our reviews and discussions will come handy.

Tactical Gear & Outfits

tactical outfitTactical equipment includes outfits like tactical gloves, pants, CCV belts, tactical knee pads vests and concealed carry holsters. You should keep a budget for the tactical gear that you will need on the field. Some of the must-have self-defense equipment like tactical tomahawks, tactical pens or even a handy reloading press for the guns are of high significance. We examine the popular tactical outfits and analyse it in detail. Our research and reviews are backed by the facts.

Each tactical equipment can have multiple uses. Each equipment serves a different purpose and is best suited for different scenarios. The limited resources bind us and for, most of us, it is not possible to afford and carry all the types of equipment out there in the market. So while selecting the equipment, you should consider your most frequent activities. We will walk you through this through our reviews and articles on choosing the best tactical equipment so that you are ready to face every challenge.